Central Park Collections Best Rate Guarantee

Book directly with our hotels at Central Park Collections for the best rate and best service, guaranteed.

We check thousands of hotel prices every day to make sure you pay unbeatably low prices when you book with us. We’re convinced you won’t find your hotel cheaper but if you do, we’ll offer you the difference. That’s our Price Guarantee and it’s just one of the ways we help you find the perfect hotel.

Your stay with us, from start to finish, is our priority. That journey doesn’t begin when you reach one of our hotels. It begins here.

When you book your stay directly on an official Central Park Collections Hotels website, you’ll be guaranteed:

  • The lowest rate possible for your stay
  • The most flexible cancellation terms
  • Access to our dedicated reservations specialists to help with your booking
  • Access to the best service throughout your stay

If you find a lower qualifying rate within 24 hours of making your reservation, we’ll match the lower rate.


*Central Park Collections reserves the right to modify or cancel the guarantee at any time without prior notice.

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