Refurbishment September 2023 – July 2025 

We are excited to announce that the iconic Central Park Hotel is under major transformation. Sometimes things need to get ugly before they get pretty !

Our guests are at the heart of all the decisions we make, and your comfort during this period has our priority.

We look forward to welcoming you during and post-refurbishment to share more enhanced experiences.

Best Hotels near Hyde Park, London

Deciding where to stay in London is the starting point for any trip to the capital. Once you’ve scoured the best hotels in Central London and chosen your home away from home, you can move ahead and start planning the finer details of your adventure. 

Where to stay in London

When choosing where to stay in London, it is important to consider your bucket list and itinerary. First time visitors are likely to want to visit such iconic sights as the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, and the British Museum. In that case, it makes sense to focus your search on hotels in Central London.

Families generally prefer to stay centrally to avoid long journeys on the tube with kids, or expensive taxi rides. Meanwhile, couples seeking a romantic getaway will relish the prospect of twilight wanders before settling down for a gourmet meal at one of London’s top restaurants. 

In regard to the best hotels in Central London, these are generally located in the West End. The areas surrounding Hyde Park are generally considered to have the finest choice of mid-range and luxury hotels.

Things to do in Hyde Park London

Get inspired with these five things to do in Hyde Park during your stay at a local hotel.

  1. Rent a rowing boat

Rowing boats are available for rent during the summer season in London. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis and do not require a reservation. 

  1. Unwind at the Italian Gardens

Situated in the north end of Hyde Park, the Italian Gardens are often overlooked. Made up of fountains, pools, and sculptures, this plot is a delight for photographers. 

  1. Find the Reformer’s Tree

The Reformer’s Tree is a mosaic constructed to commemorate an oak tree that was burnt down during the reform league riots in 1866.

  1. Browse the Serpentine Gallery

This free-entry art gallery hosts several exhibitions every year with a focus on contemporary, conceptual, and socially conscious art. 

  1. Admire Marble Arch

Located in the northeast corner of the park, the Marble Arch was once a state entrance to Buckingham Palace. Now, the monument marks the western end of Oxford Street and is a lovely place to sip a takeaway coffee. 

Hotels near Hyde Park London

In terms of hotels near Hyde Park, the Central Park London Collection has you covered with four unique properties. 

  1. Royal Eagle Hotel

This Victorian-era hotel straddles ultra-romantic Notting Hill with its chic cafes and one-of-a-kind boutiques. With rooms available to accommodate up to five guests, this is a favourite for families and small groups. 

  1. Central Park London

With a space dedicated to hosting meetings, events, and conferences, the Central Park London is a top choice for business travellers eager to experience the heart of London.

  1. Prince William Hotel

Located less than five minutes from Paddington Station, the Prince William Hotel is well-placed for foodies and those planning a day trip west of the city. 

  1. Hyde Park Boutique Hotel

Set within a converted Victorian mansion, the Hyde Park Boutique Hotel is a stylish property with 42 rooms offering privacy and seclusion. 

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