Healthy and Happy: Family Hotels Offering Wellness Amenities in Central London

It’s important to uphold a healthy lifestyle even while travelling. Being away from home is challenging when it comes to sticking to a routine. However, it’s still possible – provided you follow some simple advice. 

  1. Swap the gym for a power walk

Many hotels are fitted out with state-of-the-art gyms. However, these properties often have higher rates. In actual fact, the best central hotels in London are positioned close to green spaces where you can exercise among nature. Taking a walk or jogging through a public park is a far more family-friendly activity than hitting the gym. 

While staying at any of the Central Park Hotels, you can choose between multiple parks. Hyde Park is the largest Royal Park in Zone 1. Furthermore, this place is extremely popular with local residents. Wide tracks allow for walking and running as well as rollerblading, skating, and cycling. For families travelling with younger children, Hyde Park is appropriate for prams and pushchairs. 

  1. Ditch lap practice for wild swimming 

If your chosen hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool, that doesn’t mean you should leave the bathing suit behind. Hyde Park has an open-air swimming lido where the whole family can make waves! Available from May until September, the Serpentine Lido provides a wild swimming experience for adults plus a separate paddling pool for young children. There’s also a playground perfect for using up surplus energy and socialising with other children. In between swimming, you can rest on a lounger and feel the vitamin D wash over you. 

  1. Tend to muscles with yoga

Yoga classes are popular in London and all central hotels in London are in proximity to a studio that welcomes non-members and tourists. However, yoga is something that you can practise in the comfort of your room. After a day of sightseeing and generous walking, factor in even just 10 minutes to stretch your muscles and focus on your breath as a family. Children will love this even more if you focus on the poses that represent their favourite animals.

  1. Practice mindfulness as a family

Practising mindfulness is far easier than you might think. Keep the television switched off and dig out a pack of travel-friendly colouring books. This is something that you can enjoy as a family while feeling your heartbeat regulate after the adrenaline of visiting all the child-friendly attractions in London. Another way that you can incorporate mindfulness into your hotel stay is by eating mindfully. Remind your family to chew their food slowly and note the flavours. All of the Central Park Hotels offer breakfast which is the perfect way to start your day mindfully. 

  1. Drift off to sleep with calming meditation

Last but not least, meditation is one of the more challenging wellness practices. Even while staying in central hotels in London, you can turn to meditation as a form of relaxation prior to sleep. There are countless apps that you can download with guided meditations. Otherwise, you can use the in-room Wi-Fi to steam calming melodies such as waterfalls or birdsong. Your family will be swept away to warmer climes far away!

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