How to be a responsible and eco-friendly world traveller

Travelling to new countries and cities is one of the most exciting ways to enrich our understanding of the world. However, global travel can have a detrimental impact on the natural environment and the lives of local people in fragile communities. London has an excellent infrastructure that will help you perfect your eco-warrior and responsible mindset. Here are some tips to employ while staying with us at the Royal Eagle Hotel.

Carry a reusable water bottle

Cut down on plastic consumption by drinking tap water wherever it is potable. Carry a reusable water bottle that you can fill up from the tap and public water fountains. The Royal Eagle Hotel Paddington is fortunate to exist in a city where the water is perfectly safe to drink. In restaurants, you can ask for a (free) jug of tap water and hydrate responsibly and safely. 

Buy local and seasonal food

Imported food has a major impact on the environment. Prioritise eating at restaurants and shopping at markets that work with seasonal produce and support the local agricultural economy. Have a quick Google to see what types of greens are in season and don’t shy away from asking servers where the kitchen sources their meat, fish, and other ingredients. 

Reduce air travel

Air travel cannot always be completely avoided but it’s often possible to seek other alternatives. Located minutes from Paddington Train Station, it’s possible to take day trips from the Royal Eagle Hotel by rail. Cities accessible by train include Bath, Bristol, and Oxford. Around the world, always seek travel opportunities by train, bus, and boat before booking a short-haul flight if you can. 

Say no to single-use plastics 

In addition to cutting back on plastic bottles, you can avoid other single-use plastics. Consider carrying a reusable coffee cup and a set of bamboo cutlery for drinks and meals on the go. If you can go one step further – pack a small set of collapsible tupperware to carry any restaurant leftovers.

Practise good housekeeping

Responsible hotels do their part by utilising renewable energy sources, using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and reducing food waste. At the Royal Eagle Hotel, we also encourage our guests to help conserve valuable resources. Always remember to switch off lights and appliances when you leave the room and do consider reusing your bath towel.

Support artisans and independents

When shopping for souvenirs, avoid purchasing from mass market and fast fashion brands. Shop at the many markets that appear across London where you can buy handmade and secondhand products. Take time to learn about the manufacturing techniques and materials used. Purchasing pre-loved clothing and items is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Walk and cycle 

Once you’ve reached your destination, explore the local area on foot as much as possible. We are fortunate that the Royal Eagle Hotel Paddington is situated in a walkable neighbourhood of Central London. London also has a fantastic bike hire scheme which is a wonderful way to explore the green parks. Just ask the front desk about how to access the Santander Cycles rental bikes. 

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