Staying Safe When Travelling Solo in London

London is a vibrant city where solo travellers can expect to have a wonderful experience. However, those visiting the city alone do need to take some extra precautions. Here are travel tips for solo travellers staying at hotels in Central London.

  1. Choose a hotel in Central London

Staying in a central neighbourhood spares you from long tube rides or having to walk in quieter areas. Central London is well-lit at night and there are always people milling around. The Central Park Hotel, London, is only a one-minute walk from Queensway Station or 10 minutes from Paddington.

  1. Download useful apps

Assuming that you have a smartphone, prepare for your solo adventures by downloading essential apps. In London, these include Google Maps and CityMapper for getting around on foot and via public transport. The best taxi apps are Uber, Bolt, Gett, and Free Now.

  1. Make a note of important addresses and telephone numbers 

The last thing you want to do is forget the name and address of your London digs! We remind all guests of the Central Park Hotel, London, to jot down the address and telephone number of our property. Store this in a notebook or in your smartphone notes app. Remember that the emergency services in the United Kingdom are reachable on 999. 

  1. Use reputable transportation

Only take licensed black cabs in London and reputable ride-hailing services. The London Underground and bus network are a safe means of getting around during the day although additional care should be taken at night when travelling solo. 

  1. Be mindful of petty theft

London’s public transportation and popular attractions can get crowded, making it an opportune environment for pickpockets. Keep your belongings out of sight and consider storing cash, credit cards, and your smartphone in your pockets, a money belt, or a crossbody bag. Fortunately, London is a safe destination overall but petty theft is always a risk in capital cities. 

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