Tips for a Healthy Breakfast in London City

It’s easy to fall into a bad routine while on holiday. Without access to your usual cookware and ingredients, it’s all too convenient to reach for unhealthy snacks and fast food for a pick-me-up. Fortunately, the best hotels near Central London stand ready to provide a nourishing start to the day with a balanced breakfast. 

Book a hotel with breakfast

Booking a hotel with breakfast included means that you have a meal to wake up for and needn’t worry about finding groceries. At the Central Park Hotel Bayswater we are committed to providing a healthy buffet breakfast comprising fresh fruits, yoghurt, and plenty of protein and high fibre options.  

Strive for balance

It can be tempting to order a full English breakfast when staying at hotels near Central London. It certainly fills a hole and tastes utterly delicious. However, we would recommend limiting the fry-up to just one morning. For the rest of the trip, stick to the continental buffet.

Soak up the diversity of London

One of the best things about London is its diversity which also means that the food scene is very diverse. Check out Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants when dining out. These breakfasts tend to typically be lower in saturated fats and high on vegetables and proteins. 

Visit cafes with health-conscious menus

If you forgo the hotel breakfast, check out cafes in place of restaurants where dishes tend to be richer and heavier. Porridge, smoothie and acai bowls, granola, and wholegrain toasts are a healthier option in place of a fried breakfast and lots of cheeses and meats. They’ll keep you full for hours, too. 

Order poached or scrambled eggs

If you do succumb to the traditional English breakfast, consider ordering poached or scrambled eggs rather than fried. This is an easy way to make your breakfast order at the Central Park Hotel Bayswater a tiny bit healthier.  

Go plant-based at breakfast 

London is swimming in vegan and vegetarian restaurants. These focus on plant-based ingredients including superfood green and grains and non-animal proteins like tofu and mushrooms. Other breakfast items typically include quinoa or sweet potato pancakes and waffles that are healthier than their counterparts. 

Be mindful of secret sugars

Eating too much sugar can cause havoc with your blood sugar and contribute to certain health conditions. Avoid eating too many pastries and cakes at a buffet breakfast and even consider your fruit intake as these food items are naturally high in sugars. 

DIY breakfast in London

If you would prefer to eat healthy and save money, it’s easy enough to find low-cost ingredients in supermarkets and speciality shops. Many hotels near Central London do have fridges in the guest rooms and it’s always worth an ask if you’re unsure. Stock up on nuts and fruits and pick up a yoghurt in the morning if you don’t have access to a fridge. 

Stay hydrated

Wherever and whatever you eat, use breakfast as the opportunity to drink lots of water. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger and drinking water also helps your body process food. 

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